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Part Number: PP203

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PP203 Safety Control new style replacement serviec kit with instructions.

The PP203 HA3003 was used on the Desa International portable kerosene and diesel portable forces air residential heaters and portable construction heater.

The PP203  was being replaced by the PP203KT Safety Control Service Kit which is also sold by some companies as the PP203A Safety Switch when they were not available but the introduction of the "New" style PP203 Safety Swich service Kit with instructions there is no need to use the PP203KT kits any longer as the new service kit is an exact replacement for the previous PP203 and HA3003.

Master Heater Models:
B30, B50, B50A, B50B, B50D/ROUND, B50D/SQUARE, B50E, B50F, B50G, BV60S, B65, B65D, B66D ROUND, B66D SQUARE, B70B, B70BT, B99D, B100, B100AAK, B100G, B100KD, B110, B110T, B120, BV125, BV125S, B140/D, B150, B150A, B150B, B150C, B150CAK, B150D, B150F, B150FT, B150GT, B150G, B150KD, B165, B165T, B200, B200T, M30. B400, B450, B60, B650

Reddy Heater Models:
R30, R35, R35A, R35B, MARK 50, MARK 50D, M50, M50A, M50D, M50S, R50, R50A, R50B, R55, M65, M65D, M66D ROUND, M66D SQUARE, MARK 75D, R70, R70A, R70B, R70AT, R70BT, R70CT, M85, M85D, M100, M100D, R100A, R100B, R110, MARK 120D, MARK 140D, M150D, M150S, R150, R150A, R150B, R150AT, R150BT, R150D, MARK 150D, R155, R165, R165T, R200A, RM200T

Remington Heater Models:
REM35, REM35A, REM50, REM50A, REM50B, REM55, REM55-W, REM100, REM100A, REM110, REM150, REM150A, REM150B, REM155, REM165, REM200T, REM200


PP203 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control service kit with instructions replaces the following Desa part numbers:

PP203KT Service Kit
PP203A Saftey Switch service Kit

M14378-1 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control, M14378-3 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control, M14378-4 Saftey Switch
M14378-5 Saftey Switch, M14378-7 Saftey Switch, M14379-2 Saftey Switch, M24982-1 Saftey Switch,
M24982-5 Saftey Switch, M24982-6 Saftey Switch, M28748 Saftey Switch, M28897-01 Saftey Switch, M28898-02 Saftey Switch,

M28898-03 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
M29201 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
M29939-01 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
M30719 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
M50300-01 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
M50671-01 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
M50671-03 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
098205-01 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
098205-04 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
M5067103 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
098205-03 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
09820503 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
M5067101 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
098205 02 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
DES HA3003 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
1PP203-MP4 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
1PP203MP4 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
09820504 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
098205-02 Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
HA3002Saftey Switch Flame Out Control
043593418005 Saftey Switch

Service Information

 The following is service information for the PP203Safety Flameout Control:3. Safety Control / Photocell 

First we must understand the PP203 Flameout Safety Control works directly with the heaters photocell circuit.
In the past, it has been the single most misdiagnosed part of the heater. It is suggested that all controls be checked per instructions listed in the Troubleshooting Section, prior to replacement.

The PP203 safety flameoutcontrol circuit consists of a photocell (light sensitive cell) and a safety control. The photocell is used to sense the presence of light inside the combustion chamber.
The photocell varies its electrical resistance in relation to the light rays which contact its surface. When the heater is operating properly, the photocell sees sufficient and proper color light, which keeps its resistance low.
When the photocell does not sense the proper color or amount of light, the resistance of the photocell increases and forces an electrical current to flow through the solid state trigger circuit.
The current flows into the circuit breaker and heats a metal bar causing the bar to warp (bimetal). The warpage releases the spring loaded reset button, which breaks all power to the heater. As a service technician, it is important to understand the operation of the safety control.


Check That Reset Button on Safety Control is Fully Depressed

Visually inspect the black reset button on safety control. The button must be fully depressed and latched in for operation.

Check Wiring Connections at Safety Control and Wire Nuts for Proper Fit.

Wire Nuts
Physically check electrical connections at wire nuts and safety control for proper fit.
Check for continuity between male prongs of power cord to safety control and make sure all connections are secure.

Testing the Safety Flameout Control

With the heater disconnected from AC source, disconnect the red and black wires connected to the safety control. Push reset button in.
With the ohmmeter on the 0 to 200 OHM scale, check for continuity across terminals where wires were removed. Meter should indicate 0. If a high resistance is detected here then you will need to replace the device.
If your reading is 0 then the circuit breaker inside of the safety control device is working properly and the photocell side of the safety control device will need to be tested.

Make sure unit is disconnected from AC source.
With an 12 inch jumper wire we need to remove the Photocell from the safety control circuit for testing purposes only, do not run the heater without the photocell in series for more than 15 minutes.
Remove the Photocell from the series and connect one end of the jumper wire to where the white wire was connected and the other end of the jumper wire to where the blue wire was connected.
Now plug the heater in and test, if the safety control circuit breaker still trips then you will need to replace the safety control device with a new PP203 Flameout Safety Control Device.

Cross Reference

The PP203 replaces the following part numbers:

Desa: PP203, HA3003, M24982-1, M24982-5, M24982-6, M29939-01, M30719, M50671-03, M50671-01, 098205-01, 098205-02, 098205-03,098204-04, 098205-05,098205-01,HA3002,M14378-1, M14378-3,M14378-4, M14378-5,M14378-7, M14379-2, M287848, M28897-01,M28998,M28897-01,M28898-02, M28898-03,M29201, M30719, M50030, M5030-01,M50671, M50671-01, M50671-03, PP203-MP4, HA3002

This is a partial list and does not include all of the part numbers that may have been replaced by the PP203 Safety Flameout Control.

These parts were used in both High and Low pressure kerosene and diesel portable heaters manufactured by DESA International and private labeled for the following list of companies under some of the following brand names and sold at the following stores or retailers.

Sold at: Home Depot, Mennards, Lowes, Sears, Ace Hardware, Builders Square, Cosco, Sams Club, Walmart,WW Grainger, Portable Heater Parts, Master Distributors, Northern Hydraulics, NBMC, Sears, M & S Service Company Inc, FMConline, World Marketing and many other.

Sold as: Craftsman, Reddy heaters, Knipco, Dayton,Desa International,Master Portable heater,Universal Heaters,All-Pro,John Deere, Amoco, Koehring, Co-Op,Remington Kerosene and Diesel Heaters, Remington,Cenex, Heat Star and other private label names.