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  • Model: PP207
  • Manufacturers DESA PRODUCTS
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  • The PP207 Nozzle Kit is the replacement part number for the complete nozzle with o-ring and should always be replaced together.

    The PP206 replaces the HA3007 Nozzle Kit 100735-01 Nozzle with O-ring and M50597 Nozzle and O-ring.
    These nozzles were used in Sears Craftsman, Remington, All-Pro, Dayton, Master, Reddy Heater, and Universal heaters that were produced by Desa International.

    The proper nozzle must be used for the correct heater in order to provide the correct atomization of the fuel that is being delivered to the nozzle by the air pump, due to so many different heaters sizes there are several nozzle available for many different heaters and many different flow rates. Please make sure to order and install the correct nozzle for your heater.


    The compressed air from air pump of the heaters as it travels through the nozzle, creates a negative pressure that extends back through the center of the nozzle.
    This negative pressure created then lifts the fuel from the fuel tank and delivers that fuel to the nozzle, the fuel and the compressed air are then mixed inside of the nozzle which results in a very fine mist of fuel being sprayed into the combustion chamber.
    This air/fuel mixture must be mixed and the proper rate in order for the heater to run properly.

    It should also be pointed out that each model heater requires different nozzles due to different fuel flow rates

    The PP207 Nozzle Kit fits the following Reddy Heater models:

    R50, R50A, R50B

    The PP207 Nozzle Kit fits the following Remington models:

    REM50, REM50A, REM50AW, REM50W

    The PP207 Nozzle Kit fits the following Master models:

    B50D, B50E, B50F, C50D, C50E, C50F,

    The PP207 Nozzle Kit fits the following Knipco, Amoco, Dart, models:

    F50E, F50F, F50G

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