• Item Code: 107713-01
  • Model: 107713-01
  • Manufacturers DESA PRODUCTS
  • Categories Desa Tools
  • Weight 4.00 OZ
  • 107713-01 Sprocket Gear was used on the Remington Chainsaw and Remington Pole Saws made by Desa International.

    The 107713-0 Sprocket Gear is the plastic hub that drives the chain for Remington Electric Saw.

    On many of these 107713-01 Sprocket Gears you will find the part number 075752 or 107713-01 stamped into the plastic housing of the gear.

    The specifications of the 107713-01 Sprocket gear are as follows:

    3.470 Diameter (88.15MM)
    5 Tooth Metal Molded Chain Drive Sprocket.
    59 Internal Plastic to to mesh with 059606 Drive Gear.
    .575 Wide Plastic Hub.
    .450 Raised Plastic Molded Metal Chain Drive Sprocket

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