• Item Code: 075752
  • Model: 075752
  • Manufacturers DESA PRODUCTS
  • Categories Desa Tools
  • Weight 6.00 OZ
  • The 075752 Sprocket Gear was used on many of the Remington Chainsaw and Remington Pole Saws made by Desa International.

    The 075752 Sprocket Gear is the plastic 59 internal tooth sprocket with a 5 tooth metal chain drive that drives the chain for Remington Electric Chainsaws and the Remington Electric Polesaws.
    On many of these 075752 Sprocket Gears you will find the part number 075752 or 107713-01 stamped into the plastic housing of the gear.

    The specifications of the 075752 Sprocket gear are as follows:

    3.470 Diameter (88.15MM)
    5 Tooth Metal Molded Chain Drive Sprocket.
    59 Internal Plastic to to mesh with 059606 Drive Gear.
    .575 Wide Plastic Hub.
    .450 Raised Plastic Molded Metal Chain Drive Sprocket

  • Availablity: This part has been replaced with a new part. Please choose the order replacement part 107713-01