• Item Code: SKY-1001TH-H
  • Model: SKY-1001TH-H
  • Manufacturers SKYTECH SYSTEMS
  • Categories Heating Parts
  • Weight 2.00 LB
  • This Skytech SKY-1001TH-H Thermostatically Controlled Remote Kit can be used to replace several different style remote kits including the following:MRC, TRC, HRC, CGHRC1, HRC100, HRC200, CGHRCB, CGHRC4 as well as several others remote systems.

    The SKY1001TH-H remote control system was developed to provide a safe, reliable and user-friendly remote control system for gas heating appliances including ventless gas logs fireplace systems, vent-free wall heaters, direct vent fireplace systems and other appliances using millivolt gas operating systems.
    This all battery remote controlled system operates independently of household current, the system operates on radio frequencies with a non directional RF signal.

    The Skytech SKY-1001TH-H Thermostatically Controlled Remote operating range is approximately 20 feet with a total of 1,048,576 security codes that are programmed into the transmitter at the factory to prevent duplicated codes being used on multiple appliances.

    This Skytech SKY-1001TH-H Thermostatically Controlled Remote offers the user a battery-operated remote control that operates most millivolt gas valves used in some heater rated gas logs, gas fireplaces and other gas heating appliances.

    The Skytech SKY-1001TH-H Thermostatically Controlled Remote also offers the following features:

    All battery operated Remote and Receiver
    Radio Frequency Operated
    4-button ON/OFF/Mode/Set transmitter with fingerprint resistant hard surface.
    LCD Display for room and thermostat temperature in both F or C.
    Flame Icon Display
    Low Battery Indicator
    Automatic Programming with multiple Security Codes
    Receiver with learn function
    Snap-on wall plate with wires with connectors
    Receivers will learn up to TWO

    The Sky-1001TH-H can be used with many of the following remote control systems from various fireplace manufactures.

    Desa International, Fireplace Manufactures Inc, FMI, Master Distributors, DesaTech, Design Dynamics, Comfort Glow, Comfort Flame, DESA, Coleman, Vanguard, Vantage Hearth, Empire Systems, Charm Glow, Pro-Com, Heatilator and others.
    The Skytech SKY-1001TH-H can be used to replace the following remote control systems:

    The Skytech 1001TH-A and 1001TH-H transmitters operate using two 1.5 Volt AAA batteries.
    It is recommended that ALKALINE batteries always be used for the SKY-1001TH-A and the SKY-1001TH-H Thermostatically Controlled Remote Kits. These batteries should be changed on an annual basis to help ensure the best performance from your SKY-1001TH-H and SKY-1001TH-A Thermostatically Controlled Remote Kit.
    Be sure the batteries are installed with the (+) and (-) ends facing the correct direction, and are fully charged.

    We are sorry but REMOTE TRANSMITTERS and REMOTE RECEIVERS are "NOT RETURNABLE" for refunds!
    These items comes with a 90 day warranty for exchange only.
    Please look at all pictures carefully and study your manual before you purchase this item because no returns for refunds will be accepted.
    We do offer free testing on most Remote Transmitters and Remote Receivers for customer who choose to send these items in for testing.

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