• Item Code: PP200SC
  • Model: PP200SC
  • Categories Heating Parts
  • Weight 5.00 OZ
  • This PP200SC is the newly designed SPECIAL COMPOUND heavy duty extended life Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Ignitor Hsi designed by Allparts Equipment to fit all of the original equipment replacement applications for the original PP200 and HA1000 Hot Surface Ignitors used for many of the portable heaters made by DESA International.

    This newly developed PP200SC with our special compound Ignitor replaces all previous part numbers for the 2 Wire L-Block style Hot Surface Ignitor used by Master Heaters, Reddy Heaters, Remington Heaters, All-Pro as well as many other heaters using this style HSI Hot Surface Ignitor and with the special blended compound Nitride we can also offer a full 1 year warranty against manufactures defects.

    Please Notice:
    Some other sites are claiming they are selling a PP200SC but unless they are identical to the PP200SC we have shown is our pictures including the WRITING ON THE LABEL saying PP200SC CSA approved, the yellow high temperature coated wires and the UL Listed connectors "Not Clear Plastic Connectors" then they are not selling the actual PP200SC.
    These after market counterfeit igniters are not rated for the correct temperature ranges including substandard wire connectors that can cause the control board to short out causing damage and possible fire to the portable heater.

    If you look close you will see those retailers selling the counterfeited PP200SC will not show the label showing the part number PP200SC and also they are using a Non UL Listed SOFT WHITE PLASTIC CONNECTOR...

    The PP200SC pictured is triggered by 120 volts from the circuit board and will glow for 5-7 seconds only during the initial starting of the portable kerosene heater.
    If for any reason the PP200SC element glows longer than this amount of time you may need to replace your control board.

    If you are not sure if the PP200SC will replace the current style igniter you have please contact our customer service department for verification of the correct part is being used.

    Some of the part numbers replaced by the PP200SC Igniter are PP200, HA1000, 102337,-03, 102548-01, 102548-02,102548-03, 102548-04, 102548-05, 102548-06, 102548-07 and the 112072-01 Hot Surface Ignitors Hsi with both the Yellow, Red, Purple and Grey wires.

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  • This new PP200SC is now available and comes with a 1 year warranty against material workmanship defects orders placed by 1:00 PM EST will ship the same day