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Part Number: 231959

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The 231959 Glo-Bar Hot Surface Igniter by Norton is a 120 Volt powered Glo-Bar with a rating of 45 to 75 Ohms at 70 Degrees Fahrenheit and fits Dynavent, Suburban, Williams and Suburbaire wall furnaces and Greenhouse heaters that use the oval base ceramic glo-bar hot surface igniter.

The 231959 Glo-Bar is designed to allow a 120 Volt signal to be passed through the Glo-Bar at a specific ohms rating, This signal is then sensed by the control board which then allows the gas valve to be energized sending gas to the combustion chamber causing the furnace ignite.

The 231959 Glowbar is the Original Equipment replacement parts for the Norton 231844 Hot Surface Igniter that was used on the Dynavent Wall Furnace, Williams Window Wall furnace, Suburban Greenhouse Furnace and Surbanaire heaters.


The following list of Wall Furnaces as no loger being sold at this time but parts are still available for most of these units.

The 231959 will fits the following models:

Dnyavent and Suburban Heater Models:
DNV25NB25,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
DNV25PB25,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
DNV40NB 40,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
DNV40PB 40,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace

SuburbanAire Models:
SA25 25,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
SA25N 25,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
SA25P 25,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
SA40 40,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
SA40N 40,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
SA40P 40,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace

Williams Heater Models:
Wall Furnace 2503532 25,000 BTU Window Wall Furnace
Wall Furnace 4003532 40,000 BTU Window wall Furnace

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Service Information
Many times we see the 231844 and 231959 Glo-Bar replaced with an after market Glow Bar and then the heater will not ignite.

Many times the installer will order and install a new module board for the heaters and the wall furnace will still not ignite even though the Glow Bars does glow and prepare to ignite.

This is due many times to the wrong glow bar being used as a replacement part.

The 520899 Control Board needs the specific ohms that are passed through the 231844 and 231959 Glow bar and will not sense that the correct ohms are being sent to the board with most after markets glow bars.


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