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Part Number: F235896

This specific item or model is No Longer Available. All associated information is for Non Commercial reference purposes only.

The Basecamp Aquacube Series III Digital Shower is the most advanced portable hot water generator in the world.
This great new Aquacube portable cordless hot water shower is both DIGITAL and CORDLESS.
You just need to dial in the output temperature and watch it deliver.
All you need is a fresh water source and a common 1 -Pounds propane cylinder and with a fully charged unit and you have hot water at your fingertips in even the most remote places.

This Model F235896 Auqacube Portable Digital Shower icludes some of the following Features:

Durable Stainless steel finish with multiple LCD displays.
Silicone hoses with Quick Connect Fittings.
Push button controls - on or off,
Showerhead or tap and water pump outlets.
LCD display showing: flame ignition, battery power, water mode and both water inlet and outlet temperatures.
Built in rechargeable battery runs without the need for an external power source.
Built in gas regulator.

The complete kit includes the Auqucube showerhead and water pump assembly, both AC and DC adaptors for charging and a carry bag for your new Aquacube Portable Digital Shower.

The Mr Heater Aquacube Portable Digital Shower uses a disposable 1 Pounds propane cylinder which is enough gas for continuous operation on full power for over 40 minutes.
Meaning enough gas in 1 tank for at least eight 5 minute showers from one convenient and space saving cartridge.
Key Features: Built-in rechargeable battery LCD Display Operational Features:
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Customer Reviews:

Review # 1

We (wife & I) bought this to give us the ability to have hot showers at some of the local primitive campgrounds. I need my morning shower as badly as some folks need their cup of coffee.
It was everything I had hoped it would be - simple to set up and operate and performed flawlessly. The construction and quality of the unit are top notch...... On an anecdotal note, while I was having what was the 5th shower to be taken on the initial battery charge - the charge was used up and the shower abruptly ended.
There I stood in the portable shower enclosure on a chilly morning covered in soap from head to toe, facing the VERY unpleasant prospect of having to rinse off with VERY cold water from the 5 gallon bucket that was feeding the unit.

Wife to the rescue! She pulled the included 12V cigarette lighter plug-in accessory from the carrying bag and plugged it into our nearby vehicle (long cord) and - Oh Happy Day! - I was once again having warm water flowing out of the shower head. No cold water rinse for me!
I was a really happy camper, literally.
Lessons learned: 1) You only get about 4 full showers per battery charge 2) Park the vehicle close to your shower site if you're going to exceed that number.
I heartily recommend this water heater for whenever your camping journeys take you beyond the reach of modern plumbing. Unless, of course, a hot shower isn't all that important to you.

Review # 2

A friend gave us a propane shower for our remote property that never, ever worked. In frustration I searched the web, found the Basecamp by Mr. Heater shower and ordered it. It arrived (free shipping to Alaska) in less than a week and it worked! It worked first time, and so far every time. This makes a longer stay at our cabin so much more enjoyable. I am so glad we bought the Basecamp. The pump works just fine immersed in our rain barrel. The only drawback is the need to use small, disposable propane containers. I'd rather be able to use a larger, refillable, more environmentally responsible system. But I do love a hot shower on demand.

Review # 3

I purchased the Basecamp Aquacube and just taking it out of the packaging I saw it was built with solid design and materials. I've owned the Coleman Hot Water On Demand for years but it finally failed. I also own the Zodi Hot Tap X-40 (too clunky) but the Aquacube is fantastic all around. I plugged it in, connected a propane cylinder and immediately I was producing 112 degree water (it will go hotter) and with great water pressure for a pump of that size (12 volt). The digital readout is terrific the shower handle is amazing with different setting and an on/off switch. It also has a facet handle that swings out that rips water out fast or slow as you can regulate the flow. It has built in safety tip/move proof shutoff and a carrying bag that nests the whole cube, hose and charging cords neatly away. I like hot water at my finger tips when camping and I also like to 'wash up' in the field, this portable water heater is the best I've seen on the market and I would say it's worth every penny. It charges from AC and DC and runs on AC WHILE charging the battery, very cool.