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Part Number: APP6000

This specific item or model is no longer available. All associated information is for reference purposes only.

The APP 6000 Generator is equipped with a single cylinder, 4 stroke, forced air-cooled, OHV 25° slant, internal combustion engine. It is equipped with an electronic ignition system and is tuned to meet all EPA and California Emissions Requirements.

The Standard Features of the APP 6000 Genrator by General Power Products are as follows.

* 6000 Watt Generator
* 8250 Watt Surge Power
* Maximum Power Output 13hp
* EPA, CARB and EU approved
* One Year Warranty-Residential
* Ninety Day Warranty-Commercial
* Easy Start Engine - 389 cc
* ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer
* Vibration Friendly
* Circuit Breaker
* Ground Protector
* Heavy Duty Frame
* Fuel Capacity (Gas) - 7 gallons with a fuel gauge
* Replacement parts are 90% interchangeable with other major engine manufacturer's parts.

GPP Model (General Power Products) = GPP390HOH
Horsepower: Competitive Listed = 13hp
Bore, Stroke / mm = 88x64
Displacement / cc = 389
Compression Ratio = 8.0:1
Maximum Power Output / HP-RPM = 13/3600
Recommended Power Output / HP-RPM = 11.6 / 3600
Maximum Torque / (N-M/RPM) = 26.5 / 2500
Fuel Tank Capacity / Gal. = 1.7
Oil Capacity / Quarts = 1.2
Outline Dimensions / IN = 19.7 x 16.9 x 20.1

Type: Portable Power Source: Gasoline
Make: GPP Max Output (KW): 8.1 - 9

Service Information

This generator is designed to supply electrical power. Please read and understand all of the safety instructions and warning labels associated with this generator.
1) Do not operate indoors.
2) Generator must be on a flat stable surface. Surface slope not to exceed 4 degrees.
3) Operate in a well-lit and ventilated area.
4) Do not operate in moist or wet conditions including the surrounding ground.
5) The generator should be a minimum of 3 feet away from all combustible materials and
should not be used around hazardous materials.
6) Operating at a gas or natural gas filling station is forbidden.
7) Do not touch muffler or cylinder during or after operation. They are hot.
8) No smoking when filling the gas tank.
9) Do not overflow gas tank. Fill the tank to 1 inch below the top neck to allow for gas
expansion. Ensure the ventilation hole in the gas cap is not plugged with foreign matter
such as dirt or leaves.
10) The engine should be shut off for at least 2 minutes before adding gas or oil.
11) Do not open the gas tank or oil reservoir while the engine is running.
12) Be mindful of the danger, warning and caution labels on the generator.
13) Keep away from children. Children should be kept at a minimum of 6 feet away from the
generator at all times.
14) In a normal situation the generator should be shut off using the instructions found on the
front panel label.