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    The Z-GS-0795-AP Fuel Tank Replacement Kit will include the following items.

    1) Limited Lifetime Warranty against any defects in workmanship or materials.
    1) Z-GS-0795-AP Fuel Tank
    1) N103455 Viton reg Tank Grommet
    1) GS-0437 Tank Drain Petcock
    1) GS-0443 Fuel Cap
    4) New Fuel Tank Mounting Screws
    4) Fuel Tank Mounting Washers

    The Size of the tank is 21.88 Long x 18.63 Wide.

    The Z-GS-0795-AP is a newly designed 7 gallon fuel tank with reinforced sidewalls and a new style tank seam that will allow us to offer a limited lifetime warranty on the fuel tank against any type of material or workmanship defects.
    The new Z-GS-0795-AP fuel tank will also come with a new tank grommet and fuel cap as part of the new fuel tank kit.

    This newly redesigned Z-GS-0795-AP Replacement 7 gallon plastic extended run fuel tank will be a direct replacement fuel tank for the fuel tank that is currently being used and was one of the most popular fuel tanks used on many portable generators under the following privates labels.

    Sears Craftsman, Portable generator, Porter Cable, Ex-Cell Gen Stations, Titian 6250 generators, DAPC Portable generators, DeVilbiss Air Power Company, Briggs and Stratton, Powerback, Ex-Cell and several other.

    This Z-GS-0795-AP fuel tank is the replacement fuel tank for the GS-0444,GS-0795 and the Z-GS-0795 fuel tanks.

    The Z-GS-0795-AP Replacement 7 gallon plastic extended run fuel tank kit comes with the GS-0446 Fuel tank grommet and the GS-0443 fuel cap so these part will no longer need to be ordered separately.

    The Z-GS-0795 is used on many of the generators that were sold under private labels at the following retailers: Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Builders Square, Ace Hardware, Cosco, Wal-Mart, Sams Club, Sears stores, Carter Lumber, Northern Tool and Equipment, Canadian Tire, Titian Industries and other.

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