• Item Code: Z-CAC-291-1
  • Model: Z-CAC-291-1
  • Categories Air Compressors
  • Weight 4.00 OZ
  • The Z-CAC-291-1 Valve Plate Gasket is the gasket between the air compressor valve plate assembly and the air compressor head assembly for various air compressors by manufactured by DeVilbiss and Porter Cable.

    The Z-CAC-291-1 Valve Plate Gasket is made from the new Graphoil graphite based gasket material.
    The Z-CAC-291-1 Valve Plate Gasket need to be torqued to 25 to 30 foot pounds or torque when installed on your air compressor pump.

    The Z-CAC-291-1 is the most current part number for the valve plate gasket and will replace the CAC-291, CAC-291-1 and Z-CAC-291. This Z-CAC-291-1 is also the cylinder gasket used in the KK-4312-2 Gasket Kit as well as the K-0159 gasket Kit.

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