• Item Code: Z-A16622
  • Model: Z-A16622
  • Manufacturers DEWALT
  • Categories DeWalt Products
  • Weight 42.00 LB
  • The Z-A16622 is the DeWalt Jenny 421-1102 blue replacement pump that can be used on most Jenny model compressors as well as Dewalt and Emglo compressors.

    The 421-1102 Replaces Dewalt part number Z-A16622 and comes equipped with the flywheel and air intake filter assembly as standard equipment.
    The Z-A16622 DeWalt Jenny 421-1102 comes with the built-in constant-run intake head unloaders for constant run applications.

    This series KU pump was used on most constant run electric units as well as most gas powered units.

  • $421.02
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