• Item Code: RMW2.2G24-EZ
  • Model: RMW2.2G24-EZ
  • Manufacturers AR NORTH AMERICA
  • Categories Pressure Washers
  • Weight 7.70 LB
  • The RMW2.2G24-EZ AR (Annovi Reverberi) pump is an oil filled economy axial radial pump used in various pressure washers.

    The RMW2.2G24-EZ plunger pump is rated at up to 2.2 GPM at 2400 PSI. Direct drive system provides connection to most 7/8" shaft 3.4 HP and above engines and spins at 3400 RPM.

    The hollow shafted pump includes vertical gas engine flange, a built-in pressure control valve and chemical injection system. Comes with a standard 22mm-14 twist connect outlet, and EZ start valves.

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