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  • Weight 2.00 OZ
  • The KK-4981 Intake Housing with Filter is the Air Filter Replacement kit and is the most current air filter replacement. This KK-4981 Intake Muffler Replacement kit is also the current replacement kit for the KK-4977 Air filter service kit.

    The KK-4981 Air Filter Replacement Kit includes the following parts.

    1 Intake Muffler Plastic Housing
    1 Intake Screen Part # DAC-142
    1 Intake Filter Part # DAC-143
    2 Two Air Filter Fasteners
    1 Installation Instructions

    Assure that O-ring seals are seated in the valve plate grooves on both sides of the valve plate.

    If needed a little bit of O-ring grease or a similar substance can be used to help keep the O-rings in place during reassembly.

    Align the gasket, intake muffler and valve plate and tighten the head bolts to 7-10 ft. lbs.

    If either of the O-rings are damaged you should replace the damaged O-rings with new O-rings.

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