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  • Manufacturers GIANT INDUSTRIES
  • Categories Pressure Washers, Pumps and Accessories
  • Weight 16.00 LB
  • Our replacement Giant pump GXH2525A-111H / GXH2525A-112H comes with the following KIT-GXH26.

    The Giant GXH2525A-112H is the most current model Giant replacement pump for the replacement of the Oil-Free Strap Horizontally Mounted series pump used by DeWalt, and Ex-Cell on their line of consumer pressure washers.

    We packaged the Giant GXH2525A-112H as our Kit-GXH26. This kit includes the Giant GXH2525A-112H Horizontal Radial-Axial series Pump Direct Drive with 4 bolt gas mounting flange as well as the following list of parts.

    • Max. Volume: 2.5 GPM Max. Discharge Pressure: 2,650 PSI
    • Max. Pump Speed: 3450 RPM. Shaft Diameter:
    • 7/8 Keyed Hollow Shaft. This is only available with the GXH2525A-112H
    • Max. Horsepower Requirements: 6.5 GHP
    • Max. Fluid Temp.: 80 degrees F.
    • Inlet Ports (1): 1/2 NPT Swivel Fitting.
    • Discharge Ports (1): 3/8 NPT Fitting.
    • Comes with Built-In Adjustable Unloader.
    • Thermal Relief Valve.
    • Chemical Injector.
    • 3/16 Drive Key.
    • Inlet Screen Washer.
    • New High Quality 3/8 Brass Female Quick connector.
    • Illustrated Pump Replacement Instructions.
    • Illustrated Part Diagram.


      The XR2625 Also requires the part # 2103 fitting.
      The XC2600 also requires the part # 24.0092 fitting.

      The Giant GXH2525A-112H is the most common replacement pump for the replacement of the Horizontal Oil-Free strap pump with the special 7/8 crankshaft made by DeWalt and Ex-Cell.

      The Giant GXH2525A-112H will fit these most common following models:
      Ex-Cell XR2500, XR2500-1, XR2600, XR2600-1, HA2425, XC2625 as well as many other models of pressure washers using the Honda GC Series Engines with the 7/8 Crankshaft.

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