• Item Code: EXWGV2121-1
  • Model: EXWGV2121-1
  • Categories Pressure Washers, Pumps and Accessories
  • EXWGV2121-1 Ex-Cell Pressure Washer for reference only.

    This Ex-Cell EXWGV2121-1 model pressure washer is no longer being sold. Information provided is for reference purposes only.

    Catalog Model # EXWGV2121-1 by DeVilbiss Ex-Cell
    Pump Catalog # PK17995 Oil Lubricated Faip Pump.
    Aftermarket Pump # SRMW2.2G26-EZ AR North America oil lubricated pump

    Featured Highlights of the Ex-Cell EXWGV2121-1 Pressure Washer

    Powered by Briggs & Stratton®
    Over 50 times more powerful than standard garden hose pressure
    22MM Variable Adjustment Wand from 0° to 40°
    25' Non marking high pressure hose with 14 MM and 22MM twist connectors
    On board storage keeps accessories on the unit
    Small frame footprint allows for easy storage

    The Ex-Cell EXWGV2121-1 includes the following items:
    1)PK17995 2,100 Max PSI Gas Pressure Washer Oil Lubricaed Pump
    1) 17780 High Pressure Trigger Spray gun
    1) 17781 25 foot High pressure Hose assembly
    1) 15227 Variable adjustment wand

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