• Item Code: EXWGC3240
  • Model: EXWGC3240
  • Categories Pressure Washers, Pumps and Accessories
  • EXWGC3240 Ex-Cell Pressure Washer for reference only.

    This Ex-Cell EXWGC3240 model pressure washer is no longer being sold. Information provided is for reference purposes only.

    Catalog Model # EXWGC3240 by DeVilbiss Ex-Cell
    Pump Catalog # PK16855 Oil Lubricated AR Pump.
    Aftermarket Pump # RKV4G37 AR North America oil lubricated pump

    Featured Highlights of the Ex-Cell EXWGC3240 Pressure Washer

    Powered by Honda®
    Over 50 times more powerful than standard garden hose pressure
    50' high pressure hose.
    On-board - gun, hose, and cleaning solution bottle holder conveniently keeps everything within reach.
    Small frame footprint allows for easy storage

    The Ex-Cell EXWGC3240 includes the following items:
    1) PK16855 3,200 Max PSI Gas Pressure Washer Oil Lubricated Pump
    1) 17757 High Pressure Trigger Spray gun
    1) 17700 50 foot High pressure Hose assembly
    1) D21931 QC extension wand assembly

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