• Item Code: 75-025-0120
  • Model: 75-025-0120
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  • Weight 2.00 LB
  • The 75-025-0120 Ignitor Assembly is an H.F Ignitor Model Series WMI924

    The 75-025-0120 Ignitor Assembly is one of several different ignition devices that are used for the portable kerosene heaters made for Dura Heat, Dyno-Glo and Dyna-Pro portable construction heaters.

    The 75-025-0120 Ignitor Assembly is a Model WMI924 with the following specifications.

    Model Number WMI924 H.F. Ignitor
    Primary Voltage AC 120Volts 50/60Hz with 12 inch 2 pin connector with Brown leads
    Secondary Voltage 16.5 KV o-p with 2 10 inch spark plug leads.

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