• Item Code: 311966GS
  • Model: SRMW2.2G26-EZ
  • Manufacturers AR NORTH AMERICA
  • Categories Pressure Washers, Pumps and Accessories
  • Weight 8.00 LB
  • The 311966GS Pressure washer pump is a 2.2 GPM 2600 PSI pump used by Briggs and Stratton.

    This 311966GS is an oil filled economy axial radial pump used in various pressure washer model manufactured by Briggs and Stratton.

    The 311966GS plunger pump is rated at up to 2.2 GPM at 2600 PSI. Direct drive system provides connection to most 7/8" shaft 4.3 HP and above engines and spins at 3400 RPM.

    The hollow shafted pump includes vertical gas engine flange, a built-in pressure control valve and chemical injection system. Comes with a standard 22mm-14 twist connect outlet, and EZ start valves.

    The Inlet and Outlet Tubes on this pump will face the same direction as the spark plug of the engine on the pressure washer.

    Note: If the Inlet and Outlet Tubes on your current pump face the opposite direction as the spark plug of the engine on the pressure washer you will need to order the SRMW2.2G26-EZSX

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