• Item Code: 16355
  • Categories Pressure Washers, Pumps and Accessories
  • Weight 1.00 LB
  • The 16355 Unloader was used in both the DeVilbiss DAPC Oil Lubricated pump and the Ex-Cell DeVilbiss Oil-Free strap series Bi Radial pump.

    The 16355 Unloader is no longer available but on the oil-free bi radial pumps the A03928 unloader kits can be used to replace the 16355 unloader.

    This A03928 Unloader Replacement Kit Will Not Work !! as a replacement unloader valve for the Oil Lubricated Pumps that were used on the DeVilbiss and Ex-Cell pressure washers including the PK16330, PK16331, D29105, PK18219, PK18339 or other oil lubricated pumps that used the 1 piece unloader assembly.

  • Availablity: This part has been replaced with a new part. Please choose the order replacement part A03928