• Item Code: 111442-02
  • Manufacturers DESA PRODUCTS
  • Categories Heating Parts
  • Weight 15.00 OZ
  • The 111442-02 Remote Transmitter SIT is the Proflame 584 Series with digital display by SIT Controls.
    The 111442-02 will have a display tag with the following information Transmitter Unit FRC 0.584.004

    The 111442-02 Remote Transmitter Advanced remote control system for both direct vent and vent-free fireplace, gas logs and other hearth products and is the SIT Controls transmitter 0.584.004.

    The 0.584.004 Remote Transmitter is designed to work together with the 820 NOVA mV multifunctional control gas valve and the stepping motor conversion kit as well as the 829 NOVA mV Gas Control Valve.

    The 0.584.004 Remote is paired up by a RF frequency transmitter with LCD display.

    The 584 system allows turning on and off the fireplace, increasing or decreasing the flame height, furthermore it performs the functions of room thermostat, automatic shut off timer and child lock.

  • Availablity: This part has been replaced with a new part. Please choose the order replacement part 0.584.004