• Item Code: 111435-01
  • Model: 111435-01
  • Manufacturers FMI PRODUCTS LLC
  • Categories Heating Parts
  • Weight 6.00 OZ
  • The 111435-01 Electronic push button single wire post Spark Ignitor is the CPI 1740 series electronic igniter..

    The 111435-01 Electronic push button spark Igniter is battery powered and will fit many of the Ventfree wall heaters and Vent Free fireplaces that were produced by DESA and privately labeled for Vanguard, Glow warm, Comfort Glow, Vantage Hearth as well as many other manufactures.

    This current production electronic igniter is the CPI PART NO. 1740-93 with Mark 8-1-1.5-T5C 1115

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