• Item Code: 103778-01
  • Model: 103778-01 J3830
  • Manufacturers FMI PRODUCTS LLC
  • Categories Heating Parts
  • Weight 14.00 OZ
  • The 103778-01 Liquid Propane Gas Pilot ODS Assembly is also sold as PP225 Pilot ODS, LPG8414 Pilot ODS, 14D0477. This is an OEM replacement part and is rated for 2500 hours of operation.

    This 103778-01, PP225, LPG8414, 14D0477 Liquid Propane Gas LPG Pilot ODS was used in many of the Vanguard, Comfort Glow, Desa, FMI, Design Dynamic Monessen, Empire and other fireplaces and gas logs from many different manufactures.

    The Pilot ODS Oxygen Depletion System ODS assembly with integrated thermocouple and thermopile for appliances burning LPG Gas / Propane including Unvented, Vent-Free and Direct Vent fireplaces, gas logs, stoves, heaters, pedestal stoves and other similar appliances using Liquid Propane Gas for combustion.

    The SIT Controls LPG8414 is a common Pilot ODS assembly on units made by Vanguard, Comfort Glow, Empire Systems, Design Dynamics, FMI Manufactures, DESA and others.

    The 103778-01 Pilot ODS / Oxyprotector parts are all integrated to provide long life and guaranteed performance.

    • Single long life thermocouple wire.
    • Protected flame inside the pilot burner to help protect against influences by air currents.
    • 0.22 Built in Injector at approximately 166 W energy consumption.
    • Thermopile Support.
    • Complies with current European and CSA Norms.
    • Suitable for all Propane Grades.
    • Fail Safe Oxygen Depletion System
    • 3/8 24 UNF 2Ao5 mm Gas Connection.
    • M8 x 1 Thermocouple connection nut.

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