• Item Code: 0063290
  • Manufacturers COLEMAN POWERMATE
  • Categories Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Weight 14.00 OZ
  • The 0063290 AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator module is rated from 5.5KW to 8KW at 240 Volts.

    The 0063290 AVR module was used on many different models of Coleman Powermate. Honda, Premac, Goss Power, Champion, American Yard Products, AYP, PPG and other portable generators. The 0063290 module has a 4-spaded pigtail and 2 brush wires approximately 4 inches long.

    Your original AVR may be marked: AVR SBA6-190-006 or AVR SBA7-190-008 or a similar part number.

    The 0063290 Coleman Powermate AVR replaces following part numbers:

    AYP American Yard Products 532-429470, AP041565, S 0063291, S0063291, 63948, 63291, 0063948, SBA6-190-006, SBA7-190-008, 63290, Honda Part # 32350-ZB4-632

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