• Item Code: 0034819.01
  • Model: 0034819.01
  • Manufacturers COLEMAN POWERMATE
  • Categories Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Weight 5.00 OZ
  • The 0034819.01 Teapo Capacitor has the following ratings 220uF 200V.HD 85/C and fits the Coleman Generators.

    The 0034819.01 Capcacitor has been changed from the original 130uF to 220uF to help increased the life of the capacitor, the voltage and heat range of the capacitor have remained the same.

    The 0034819.01 Capacitor may need to be soldered into the endbell wire housing assembly on older units.

    This 0034819.01 Capacitor is also used on some Pramac, Onan, Honda, and Yamaha generators as well as other privately labeled generators.

    This same 0034819.01 Capacitor was also used by Kawasaki for their generators that were made by Pramac

    The 0034819.01 was used on:

    Size for this item is as follows:

    The body of the capacitor is 2 inches long and the width is 1 inch across with standard 1/4 spade connectors.

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