• Item Code: 00028
  • Model: SP715A
  • Brands Mr Heater and HeatStar heating products
  • Manufacturers Portable & Stationary heating products
  • Categories Heating Parts
  • Weight 1.00 LB
  • Robertshaw Universal Ignition Control Kit
    Non-Lockout Model

    This SP715A is designed for use with a NATURAL GAS SYSTEMS ONLY.
    This SP715A is not for use with LP Gas equipment.

    Automatic recycle feature ensures that if flame fails, main gas flow is shut off.
    Spark repetition sequence repeats until pilot gas re-ignites.
    Only after pilot ignition has been re-established can main gas return to burner

    Current Specifications:
    Input voltage: 24VAC with 20VA minimum
    Ambient temperature rating: -40°F to +175°F
    Spark rate: 3 to 4 sparks/second
    Prepurge Period: None
    Maximum current load: 1.5A

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