• Item Code: 0.584.523
  • Model: 0.584.523
  • Manufacturers SIT GROUP
  • Categories Heating Parts
  • Weight 14.00 OZ
  • The 0.584.523 Proflame Receiver Kit comes as a replacement kit assembly.

    This 0.584.523 kit replaces the 0.584.223 receiver assembly.

    This 0.584.523 Receiver kit was used on many of the fireplace and gas logs systems used by DESA International, FMI Fireplace manufactures Inc, Regency Fireplace Products. These fireplaces were sold under the Vanguard, Regency Horizon, Comfort Glow as well as many other private labels.

    Before replacing your current receiver make sure to inspect the contacts and springs inside of the 0.584.223 Proflame receiver and install new alkaline batteries.

    The first thing to check here before replacing either the receiver or the transmitter is going to be the battery connections in the receiver.
    The receiver is exposed to much more heat and will typically be the item that is replaced most often due to the heat, but the connections still are the first thing to check.
    Remove the receiver box from the fireplace.
    Carefully remove the battery door cover and batteries from the receiver, this battery cover door is not a part that can be ordered separately so be careful when servicing the receiver or changing the batteries.
    Turn the cover over and remove the 2 small Phillips screws in the back of the receiver.
    Now slide the circuit board / battery contact housing out from inside of the receiver.
    Inspect the circuit board for corrosion, if you find corrosion on the circuit board you may need to replace the receiver with the new 0.584.523 Remote Kit.
    Inspect the battery contacts and springs, clean the positive battery contacts and then stretch the negative battery contact springs in the battery contact housing.
    Also clean the positive battery contacts on the battery door that was removed and also stretch the negative battery contact springs on the door.
    Clean the receiver housing of any debris, dirt, dust or corrosion before reassembly.
    Now reassemble the receiver in the reverse order of disassembly and install new alkaline batteries.
    After installing the batteries you should hear 1 beep telling you the receiver has power and is ready to be programmed.
    Push the program button one time and you should hear the 3 short beep telling you the receiver is now ready to accept a new code from the remote transmitter.
    Now push the On/Off button of your remote transmitter and you should hear 4 beeps from the receiver telling you the receiver and the remote are now paired with the same RF code and ready to be used.
    If after you have performed this procedure you are still not able to control your gas log set remotely then the most common failure part is the receiver.

    These items comes with a 90 day warranty for exchange only.

    Please look at all pictures carefully and study your manual before you purchase this item because no returns for refunds will be accepted.

    We do offer free testing on most Remote Transmitters and Remote Receivers for customer who choose to send these items in for testing.

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