• Item Code: 0.584.211-01
  • Model: 0.584.211-01
  • Manufacturers SIT GROUP
  • Categories Heating Parts
  • Weight 1.00 LB
  • This SIT Controls Model .0584.211-01 Proflame Receiver is the latest model receiver kit and replaces the older 0.584.211-00 Proflame receiver kit.

    The new 0.584.211-01 Proflame Receiver kit comes with the 2 wire harness and has a 4 pronged receiver and a 8 position dip switch.

    (1) UP (2) DOWN (3) UP (4) DOWN (5) DOWN (6) DOWN (7) DOWN (8) DOWN

    Remote on Frequency 5

    Turn Remote on then scroll down to the Timer:

    Press the Minus button - 10 times...you are now in the frequency section.

    Now use your up and down keys to get frequency 005

    NOTE: The + Key will change your temp from C to F...pay attention.

    Press Minus- again to exit and your remote is now set.

    We are sorry but REMOTE TRANSMITTERS and REMOTE RECEIVERS are "NOT RETURNABLE" for refunds!
    These items comes with a 90 day warranty for exchange only.
    Please look at all pictures carefully and study your manual before you purchase this item because no returns for refunds will be accepted.
    We do offer free testing on most Remote Transmitters and Remote Receivers for customer who choose to send these items in for testing.


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