• Item Code: 0.584.201
  • Model: 0.584.201
  • Manufacturers SIT GROUP
  • Categories Heating Parts
  • Weight 50.00 LB
  • The SIT remote receiver module 0.584.201 has been discontinued and must be upgraded to the new SIT remote receiver control module part number 0.584.211-01

    This new series remote receiver control module will not hook up to the old stepper motor wire harness and must be replaced with a new stepper motor.

    Please note a new Stepper Motor will need to be order and installed by a certified installer.
    The new 0.584.211-01 will not work with the old style stepper motor and Red 6 Pin ribbon wire harness.

    (1) UP (2) DOWN (3) UP (4) DOWN (5) DOWN (6) DOWN (7) DOWN (8) DOWN

    Remote on Frequency 5

    Turn Remote on then scroll down to the Timer:

    Press the Minus button - 10 times...you are now in the frequency section. Now use your up and down keys to get frequency 005

    NOTE: The + Key will change your temp from C to F...pay attention.

    Press Minus- again to exit and your remote is now set.

  • Availablity: This part has been replaced with a new part. Please choose the order replacement part 0.584.211-01