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The 104286-01 Liquid Propane Gas Pilot ODS Assembly is also sold as PP224 Pilot ODS and LPG8420 Pilot ODS. This is an OEM replacement part and is rated for 2500 hours of operation.

This 104286-01 / PP224 / LPG8420 Pilot ODS was used in many of the Vanguard, Comfort Glow, Desa, FMI, Legacy RMC series, Design Dynamic and other fireplaces and gas logs from many different manufactures.

This is the 104286-01 Pilot ODS assembly used to control the gas control valve on many of the devices used today in direct vents and vent free fireplaces, gas logs, zone heaters, wall heaters and other appliances.

The 104286-01 is used in zone heating, decorative heating and other types of heating using gas fired appliances and devices that require a constant pilot with an oxygen depletion system and thermocouple shut off system.

The 104286-01 LPG8420 lpg 8420 Pilot ODS Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) assembly with integrated thermocouple is specifically designed for appliances burning LPG Gas / Propane including Un-vented Vent-Free fireplaces, gas logs, stoves, heaters and other similar appliances.

The 104286-01 LPG8420 LPG 8420 Pilot ODS Oxyprotector parts are all integrated to provide long life and guaranteed performance.

Single long life thermocouple wire.

LPG8420 Pilot ODS with integrated thermocouple

Quick and easy assembly on gas appliance.

Protected flame inside the pilot burner to help protect against influences by air currents.

Complies with current European and CSA Norms.

The 104286-01 is currently used by several manufactures including:
Desa Intenational, Empire Products, World Marketing, Fireplace Manufacture Inc, FMI, Mr Heater, Enerco Products, Pinnacle Products, Pro-Com Design Dynamics and other manufactures.

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The 24-9960 REGULATOR, DUAL FUEL was used on several different type of natural gas NG and propane gas LPG fireplaces,gas log sets, wall heaters and stoves including direct vent fireplaces, vent free gas log sets and free standing vent free gas stoves.

World Marketing of America Kozy Worlds Models:
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The LPG8418 84008418000 Pilot ODS Oxygen Depletion System ODS assembly with integrated thermocouple and thermopile for appliances burning LPG Gas / Propane including Unvented, Vent-Free and Direct Vent fireplaces, gas logs, stoves, heaters, pedestal stoves and other similar appliances using Liquid Propane Gas for combustion.

The SIT Controls LPG8418 is a common Pilot ODS assembly on units made by Vanguard, Comfort Glow, Empire Systems, Design Dynamics, FMI Manufactures, DESA and others, Vermont Castings, Empire Comfort Systems, Monessen Hearth Systems and various other fireplace and gas log system manufactures.
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The PP200 Ignitor is the Hot Surface Ignitor HSI that was used on many of the portable kerosene and diesel portable forced air heaters sold by DESA International.

This PP200 HSI Ignitor will fit all L-Block Style applications including Pro-Com, Reddy Heater, Master Heater, Dayton, All-Pro and others.
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