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100980-02 520738 GLOBAR.ROUND DNV SERIES

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100980-02 520738 GLOBAR.ROUND DNV SERIES

Part Number: 100980-02

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520738 Glow Bar Replacement Kit is the Original Equipment shouldered round spiral series HSI Hot Surface Igniter and "Glow Bar" for Dynavent, Suburban, and Williams through wall furnaces and greenhouse heaters.

520738 is the most current part number and replaces all previous part numbers including: 100980, 187667, 231313

520738 Glow Bar Hot Surface Igniter fits the following Dynavent and Suburban wall furnace models:

The 520738 HSI Glow Bar has a very specific ohms reading that must be reached that is specific to this series of HIS Glow Bars.

The 520738 Glow Bar must be replaced with the original equipment glow bar.

If the correct Glow Bar is not used then the 230954 Module Control Board will not engage the 24 Volts from the 230954 control board and will not allow the gas valve to open.

If the OEM Glow Bar is not used the heater may bot operate properly and damage to the Module Control Board may occur.

The 520738 Glow bar must reach 2000 degrees F in still air at 115 Volts +or- 1 VAC within 0-60 seconds at 75 degrees + or - ambient temperature.

Cold resistance is to be less than 500 Ohms.

A steady state current range needs to be 2.50 to 3.00 Amps at 115 Volts + or - 1 VAC.

Many times we see the 520738 Glow Bar replaced with an after market Glow Bar and then the heater will not ignite.

Many times the installer will order and install a new module board for the heaters and the wall furnace will still not ignite even though the Glow Bars does glow and prepare to ignite.

This is due many times to the wrong glow bar being used as a replacement part.

The 230954 Control Board needs the specific ohms that are passed through the 520738 Glow bar and will not sense that the correct ohms are being sent to the board with most after markets glow bars.

This item will ship in a 14x10x10 Box with peanuts and although the shipping weight is only 2 pounds but the dimensional weight will be 10 pounds.

This item is checked before they are shipped to assure the HIS Ignitor is not damage.

Any claims for a damaged or broken item will require the part and the original packaging to be return prepaid for inspection.